2019 April Fools Day Wrap

It's that one day of the year when serious journalists, PR, and even some of the team at CarAdvice indulge our inner fake news demon for a few giggles, hits and shares.
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We already had a couple of gags yesterday for April Fools Day, but numerous manufacturers had a bit of fun as well.

Here's a wrap of some of the best, and wildest jokes the automotive industry had to offer on April 1, 2019.

Toyota HiAce PieAce Convertible

To celebrate its new HiAce van, Toyota Australia says it has developed a new limited-edition convertible version of - just! - 2019 cars.

Not only will the HiAce convertible be available in a variety of sizes and wheelbases, up to and including the 12-seater bus model, but it will also be available with a built-in meat pie oven built into the rear tailgate.

Jeep Sedan

With Fiat Chrysler focussing almost all of its energy on the money-spinning Jeep brand, this little mock up, based on the Chrysler 300, and posted by Jeep Middle East on their Facebook page seems almost like a softening-up exercise.

If Lamborghini, and soon Ferrari and Lotus too, can stretch their brands into the world of SUVs, maybe, just maybe, Jeep can do the reverse.

BMW i-setta

There have been more than a few concept cars that garnered so much praise and adulation their makers brought them into production.

Could the BMW i-setta be the first April Fools' Day "concept" to make the transition from Photoshop to production line?

The Bavarian automaker says the i-setta has a 40Ah battery pack, but cheerfully notes: "The driving range depends on a variety of factors, of course. We mean: like always, huh?"

Skoda ProjectaPal

At the Geneva motor show, Kia took a dig at the industry's obsession with ever-larger touchscreens with a concept car featuring 21 infotainment displays.

For April 1, Skoda's head of infotainment, Ivor Tüchskreen, introduced a new customisable puddle light display, which can be used to display photos or reminders.

Fiat Panda Hawaii

For the 10th anniversary of The Inbetweeners, Fiat UK has come up with a Fiat Panda Hawaii, a modern riff on the Cinquecento Hawaii

The fictional limited-edition model was driven by Simon in the show, and featured a largely yellow body, but with a red replacement door.

With nostalgia being what it is, we're sure Fiat would manage to sell a few of these if they really wanted to.

Toyota Yaris Adventure ute

According to Toyota, the Yaris Adventure has a leaf-sprung rear end, torque vectoring all-wheel drive, and 193mm of ground clearance "perfect for taking a curb in a mall parking lot or clearing the shrubs when parking in a friend’s front yard".

For Toyota USA the Yaris Adventure answers "the question nobody asked", but there's probably more than a few people living in Latin America wondering whether they could have a Japanese alternative to the Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada.

And, yes, before you ask, the American Toyota Yaris is a Mazda 2 with an awful nose job. That, sadly, is no joke.

Honda Pastport

Said to be a new trim level for its latest crossover, the Pastport has the modern exterior of the Passport married with an interior straight from the 1990s.

There's a digital clock, coin holder, cassette deck, beeper holder, a simple automatic transmission shifter, a modem in the glove box, and no buttons on the steering wheel.

Which April Fools story was your favourite?