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Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Sport long-term review: Interior comfort and practicality

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We take a look at how the A3 sedan fares with moving multiple people and their stuff.
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We've now spent several months with 'Aldo', our Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Sport long-termer, and so far the little sedan has been nothing short of impressive.

In this latest long-term report, we're going to look at the A3's interior comfort and practicality, because if you're buying a car like this you're likely to carry a few passengers and luggage at some point.

Previous reports have already established the A3 is well-featured and comfortable up front, though it's not the same glowing praise in the second row – something we've noted about the A3 sedan since launch.

Numerous CarAdvice staffers have noted the limited headroom in the rear due to that sloping roofline, as have a couple of my own family members and friends.

Legroom isn't great either, especially for any passenger that has to sit behind six-foot-one-ish me. Even with the scalloped seat backs on both sides, humans of above-average height may struggle to comfortably sit behind a taller driver.

I have squeezed three family members across the rear bench on several occasions, though the general consensus is that the Audi could do with a little more room in the back.

However, the A3 doesn't claim to be a family hauler, and should adequately seat two adults in the back provided they aren't too tall.

There's rear air vents to keep passengers in the back cool or warm (depending on what Melbourne has to offer. naturally), though it's disappointing there's no fold-out centre armrest.

Parents will like the inclusion of Isofix anchor points on each of the outboard seats, though there's no top-tether point for the centre seat.

Things do get better behind the second row, though. Audi claims there's 425L of luggage capacity in the boot, which is a handy 45L up on the A3 Sportback hatch.

It's a nicely deep and square area, making it easy to play luggage tetris. The included nets and hooks also allow you to tie things down to stop them from moving around over bumpy roads.

To the left of the boot is another small cubby partitioned with a stretchy net, for storing smaller items.

While Audi doesn't quote a boot volume with the second row of seats folded, the A3 sedan offers a decent amount of space for longer items, though there's a slight hump where the seat back meets the boot floor. Under the luggage area floor is a space saver spare wheel.

All told, the A3 won't win any awards in the passenger-carrying department, though it's never claimed to be a practicality standout.

The sedan has always been a more style-focused offering, and given it's more or less pitched at singles and couples, it fits the bill just fine.

Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Sport Limited Edition

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