Youth-Oriented Nissan Compact Convertible

With perhaps the most unfortunate name in the motoring world, the Nissan Round Box is a compact convertible concept which aims to represent a new take on open-air motoring.
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The Round Box is powered by an environmentally friendly turbocharged direct injection petrol engine mated to Nissan’s advanced Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

The inspiration behind its design comes from, of all things - a sports bar.


“In a sports bar everyone is focused on the game for pure enjoyment. A sports bar affords an enjoyable, stress-free space where friends can experience a sense of togetherness.That is the sort of emotive world the Round Box is intended to provide.”

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of its design are the seats. Their design is unique in that it combines a bench-style seat with a bucket seatback to keep the driver and passengers in place.


"While the combination may appear contradictory at first glance, when you actually combine the elements, it produces a harmonious effect and represents a way of creating new value."

The Round Box also features a 'Play Catch' system which features two touchscreen monitors - one centrally mounted, and one in front of the driver - which would allow passengers to search for a destination and feed the driving route and instructions to the driver’s monitor.


To enhance the feeling of speed, the Round Box features “road surface windows” which are small glass panels placed close to the ground which provide passengers with a view of the rapidly passing road surface.