Beefed-up Triton shown in Bangkok, with series production lined-up pending customer feedback. Just make the damn thing, guys...
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Fancy a beefed-up Mitsubishi Triton to rival a Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Toyota HiLux Rugged X or Holden Colorado Z71?

If you said yes, your best option at the minute is to head somewhere reputable like ARB. But if the Triton Absolute concept revealed today in Bangkok is any guide, a Mitsubishi dealer near you might soon offer a modded version to spare you the effort.

This concept car gets protective bash plates front and rear, a roof-mounted light bar and rail system, heavy duty off-road Falken rubber wrapping black wheels, jacked-up (50mm) suspension, a sail-plane and bar work in the tray.

The goal of all this is to ‘sex up’ the Triton in a bid to capture some of the lucrative modified pickup/ute market, to augment Mitsubishi’s strong presence among value shoppers.

“MMC expects the bold and ambitious model to resonate strongly with ute enthusiasts everywhere by embodying the proven mechanical durability and go-anywhere performance capabilities of the Triton, which were further advanced with the launch of the 2019 model,” the company reckons.

According to Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO John Signoriello, public feedback and interest in the Triton Absolute will play a role in determining whether the company can convince its global parent to make it a production reality.

“It demonstrates our commitment to exploring a vision of the future Triton that will deliver on our ‘engineered beyond tough’ commitment to the Triton series - bold enough to be taken on even more adventurous treks to explore Australia's rugged outback, which is one of Mitsubishi’s defining strengths,” he said.

“While only a concept at this stage, we will assess the feedback from customers in Australia and overseas towards a more aggressive Triton which will guide the brand’s future product development.”

While short on more details, the accompanying press release said the concept would be “showcased over the coming 12 months to gauge public interest and feedback”, so any real-world version is unlikely to lob until the middle of next year, at best.

However, Australia clearly shapes up as a key market for this vehicle. We’re one of the world’s biggest Triton markets, with a disproportionately high take-up of expensive and modified utes. Moreover, the pictures we’ve been sent of the car were clearly taken in Australia.

While MMC is staying hushed on the matter, it would seem fair to speculate that Mitsubishi Australia actually had some involvement in the project, considering extensive testing of the ‘regular’ version was done here during development.

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