Do not adjust your eyes. This is not a scaled down Lamborghini Urus but a pointer to Skoda’s new look. 
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If you squint at it for long enough you could be forgiven for thinking this car has some resemblance to the Lamborghini Urus.

It is in fact the latest Skoda concept called the Vision iV.

And while it’s an electric-only vehicle for now based on Volkswagen’s modular EV platform the Vision iV holds another secret.

This is the start of a bold new design direction for Skoda. With hints of Lamborghini in the headlights and Volkswagen Golf R in the bumper vents, we’re hoping Skoda’s future sports models will adopt a similar theme.

Meanwhile, the concept car has two electric motors for all-wheel-drive grip and a total power output of 225kW.

Skoda claims the concept is capable of doing the 0 to 100km/h dash in a hot hatch-like 5.9 seconds.

And while we’re always cautious about driving range claims for electric cars, Skoda says the Vision iV can travel up to 500km between recharges and has a special inductive charging system that get to 80 per cent capacity in just 30 minutes.

All that’s academic, really. Here's hoping the production car looks like this, and all future Skoda hot rods also have a heavy dose of Vision iV in their genes.

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