Kia's new electric concept car will have four doors, but that's not the most impressive number on offer. Yo dawg, they heard you like screens, so they gave your screens more screens and made them curvy.
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Kia has continued the drip-feed of details about its upcoming electric concept car headed for the Geneva motor show, revealing it'll have four doors, a new Kia logo, and more than 20 screens. No, that isn't a typo, it'll have more than twenty screens.

We already know the concept will debut an electric-oriented interpretation of the Kia 'tiger nose' grille, using smoother and more rounded shapes to create a recognisable face where a grille would once have sat. Now, the company has shown off the car's chunky alloy wheel design, complete jewel-like (or should that be orange segment-like) inserts.

We can see the concept has minimal overhangs, given there's no big engine to package. The company's designers say going electric freed them up to explore new shapes and ideas, and there's no doubt the electric concept (which still doesn't have a name) has a design unique among the brand's current line-up.

As for the interior, Kia says the 21 screens arcing their way across the dash are a "humorous riposte to the industry's current obsession with ever-increasing dashboard screens", as they "curve their synchronised way across the top of the dashboard in a layout that's at the same time both casual and coordinated". Cool.

It's certainly dramatic, we'll give the design that. The steering wheel is a suitably minimalist take on a classic formula, while the badge in the centre looks like a fresh, more stylised take on the brand's current logo. Could the concept preview a new Kia badge?

The remainder of the four-door concept will be revealed at the Geneva motor show next week.