Blue Oval also issues recalls for Lincoln models and Mustang for various issues, with Australian models unaffected by the latter.
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Ford Motor Company has made three separate safety recalls in North America, the largest being 1.48 million F-150 pick-up trucks for potentially faulty transmissions.

The manufacturer says F-150 models fitted with the six-speed automatic transmission from 2011-13 may experience an "intermittent loss of the transmission output speed sensor signal to the powertrain control module, potentially resulting in a temporary, unintended downshift into first gear".

If the condition occurs, the driver could experience loss of vehicle control depending on the speed at which the transmission shifts into first, increasing the risk of an accident.

Ford says it is aware of five incidents that have occurred as a potential result of the fault, including one case where a vehicle occupant has suffered whiplash.

The affected vehicle count is sitting at 'approximately' 1.48 million units across North America, including 1.26 million in the US along with 221,000 in Canada.

Recalled trucks were built at the Dearborn Assembly Plant from 28 April 2010 through 28 October 2013.

Meanwhile, two other recalls have been issued in the region by the Blue Oval, one for 2019 Mustang sports car (above) along with the Lincoln Nautilus and Navigator.

Affecting around 4200 units in the US and a further 150 in Canada, the recall involves around an instrument cluster assembly that could be blank when the vehicle is started.

Ford says the recalled Mustangs were built at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant from 5 November 2018 through 15 January 2019.

CarAdvice reached out to the company's local arm regarding impact on Australian models, with the response being there's no local impact "that we are aware of".

Finally, a recall has also been issued for the 2017-19 Lincoln Continental over concerns the door latches may not engage.

If the condition occurs, Ford says the door may open while driving, increasing the risk of injury to the vehicle's occupants. The company is unaware of any incidents or injuries relating to the fault.

Around 27,000 Continental vehicles are affected in the US, along with approximately 1200 more in Canada. Build dates are from 30 November 2015 through 14 November 2018.