About 90,000 vehicles in Japan and 180,000 vehicles elsewhere could be affected by another recall Toyota and Lexus decision-makers are contemplating.
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The latest issue affects Australian-sold LS460, LS600hL, GS460 and GS450h models. The issue also affects - on an international scale - the LS600h, the LS600hL, the GS350, the GS450h, the GS460 and the IS350 and Toyota's Crown.

Japanese media reports say the issue is related to an engine fault, primarily with 4.6-litre-based cars. The problem causes the engine to stall and possibly not restart. Symptoms that indicate an infected vehicle include, rough idling and unusual sounds from the engine.

Although an official recall is yet to be issued, a spokesman from Lexus headquarters in Japan has said a final decision hadn't been made just yet but the company has recognised the issue and says the problem will have to be addressed soon.

Although the previous Toyota recalls that affected up to 10 million cars worldwide did cause a major safety concern, there hasn't been any reports of accidents related to the latest problem.

According to Reuters, the recall could cost Toyota and Lexus $228 million.