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2019 Ram 1500 gains barn-door tailgate

The pickup wars in America are escalating, as manufacturers look for interesting new ways to one-up each other. The latest battlefield? Tailgates.
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Ram has unveiled a new multi-function tailgate for the 2019 1500, as the North American pickup market heats up in new, fascinating ways.

The new multifunction tailgate is a direct response to the GMC Sierra's crazy new six-way tailgate and the Ford F150's integrated step and handle.

It's made of aluminium, damped, and can be remotely opened. You're able to open it conventionally, folding it down to reveal the standard load bay, or split the tailgate 60/40 like a set of barn doors.

Each door can be opened individually – they're not like the overlapping doors on the back of a Mini Clubman, for example – or both can be opened at the same time.

That's an interesting contrast to the MultiPro setup, which is essentially a tailgate within a tailgate... within a tailgate. There's a small section in the top that can be folded down independently of the full tailgate, folded up to stop longer items sliding around when the main tailgate is dropped, and can be converted into a step.

It's designed to allow "easier loading, unloading and bed access", according to the company, and is pictured below.

It's worth bearing in mind, Honda has been offering tricky multi-function tailgates on the Ridgeline for 13 years. The current model's unit can fold down like a regular tailgate, or open like a hinged door.


The current GMC Sierra and Honda Ridgeline aren't offered in Australia, but the 2018 Ram 1500 is imported by Ateco Australia. Although it'll be 2020 before it arrives, the company currently is planning to bring the 'new' DT Down Under eventually.