2015-19 Mazda MX-5 recalled

Local arm recalls nearly 1900 automatic sports cars for incorrect control modules, which could could cause inadvertent downshifts and risks loss of vehicle control.
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Mazda Australia has issued a recall for the 2015-19 model-year MX-5 sports car, over concerns auto-equipped examples could have faulty transmission software.

The company reports affected vehicles may have Transmission Control Modules (TCM) that could incorrectly interpret the electrical signal from the gear selector.

If the condition occurs, the automatic transmission could downshift unexpectedly, "increasing the risk of a loss of vehicle control and potentially resulting in an accident".

Mazda says the fault poses a hazard to occupants of the vehicle and other road users.

There are 1891 units affected by this recall, sold between 20 July 2015 and 31 January 2019. A VIN list is available here.

Owners will be contacted by Mazda Australia, and will be advised to present their vehicle to their local dealer to have the TCM reprogrammed with revised software.

For more information, contact 1800 034 411.