Following closely in the footsteps of bigger brother Hyundai, South Korean stablemate Kia has suggested it is thinking of using letters and numbers to distinguish its flagship cars as well.

Reports on Automotive News have indicated this will be a change targeted at the American market at first, where they still call the Hyundai i45 and i30, the Sonata and Elantra.

In a recent interview, Hyundai Motor Co. Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun said the company is considering a change which would adopt their local badges. The current Kia range in South Korea is named in K-series form - K3, K5 and K7 etc.

Although there are no definite plans, Chung Eui-sun said he understands American buyers seem to prefer a car with a name, but he also thinks alphanumerics can increase the brand's strengths in the market. And, well, what do you think; are you more likely to buy the upcoming Optima as an 'Optima' or as a 'K5'?