Tesla Australia has confirmed the changes are bound for our market, meaning customers will be offered a smaller battery at a more affordable entry point.
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Tesla has updated its Model S and Model X ranges in North America, adding a new shorter-range car with a software-limited battery to the line-up.

UPDATE, 30/01/2019: Tesla Australia has confirmed the revised Model S and Model X ranges will be making the trip to Australia. We'll update our coverage with pricing when it becomes available.

Rather than sticking with battery-based badging, the Silicon Valley carmaker will bring its larger cars into line with the Model 3's naming structure, instead offering cars with no additional branding as base, rolling through 'Performance' to 'Extended Range'.

The top-spec 'Extended Range' maintains the same 100kWh battery capacity as the current Model S 100D, while the shorter-range car has a... actually, Tesla doesn't say how much capacity it has, but it quotes 310mi (499km) of range for the Model S.

That's slightly more than what was promised of the now-defunct Model S 90D, suggesting the software-limited capacity of the battery is around 90kWh. Dropping from the Extended Range, formerly 100D, to the base Model S and X will save you US$8k ($11k).

Also new for 2019 is the de-bundling of the Ludicrous Upgrade from the Model S and Model X Performance, both of which have the larger-capacity battery as standard. The car hits 60mph (97km/h) in just 3.0 seconds without the Ludicrous Upgrade ticked, or 2.4 seconds with it specced.

The gap between the base Performance to the Ludicrous Mode-enabled car costs US$20k ($28k).

Both the longer-range battery and Ludicrous Upgrade are only locked by software, allowing customers to add the options after purchase.


Tesla has confirmed the revised Model S and Model X range will be coming Down Under, but hasn't revealed pricing. We'll update our coverage when it becomes available.