Small, zero-emission car building company, Riversimple, has begun touring its two-seat, hydrogen-powered car in Australia to raise awareness for possible production.
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The Riversimple is an extremely light-weight (350kg), carbon-fibre bodied hydrogen car, that uses a 6kW Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies fuel cell and a 1kg hydrogen tank to power it along.

The car is said to be capable of reaching 80km/h and will keep going on a single tank of hydrogen for 390km - equivalent to about 0.8L/100km.

The tour down under is all about expanding awareness for the potential production of the open-source vehicle - the car does not have a designated manufacturer for its components or production line. Company founder, Hugo Spowers, hopes to have around 84,000 Riversimple examples toddling about UK roads by 2020.

Spowers said in a recent interview with GoAuto that Australia doesn't have the constrains of much larger, competitive manufacturers in the market, and sees our country as a prospective foundation to launch the vehicle. He says countries such as Germany, already have an ultra-expensive, Mercedes-Benz hydrogen trial going on, and wants to push the fact that the Riversimple is a much cheaper alternative that can be built and bought at much lower costs than the overshadowing rivals.

The car is yet to be released to any market, as testing and production-backing is still under development. Any takers?