Again, anniversaries are in fashion. So who's passing the parcel this time? Jaguar is, and to mark 75 years in the industry, this is the package it has wrapped up for us. The XF V8 75th Anniversary Edition.
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All the usual XF V8 appointments are included in this special edition, such as the 5.0-litre, 283kW V8 channeled through a six-speed automatic gearbox. The limited edition also comes with bespoke 20in wheels, chrome exhaust outlets and an eight-speaker audio system including fully-integrated iPod connectivity. The edition also comes with a unique '75 Years' badge on the centre console, just for some exclusivity.

The usual JaguarDrive control unit resides inside and interacts with the stability control, engine and transmission management to offer the best traction and torque, utilising the V8 output, according to your driving style. The system does offer different modes too, depending on what sort of driving is required. These are selectable through the unit.

Inside, you'll find all the usual luxury and safety elements Jaguar has to offer. There's eight-way electric seats, keyless start, climate control and a satellite navigation system which uses the large touch screen interface. Safety is ensured with the presence of front and side airbags and side curtain airbags. There's also Jaguar's stability control system; Corner Brake Control, and Emergency Brake Assist; which applies extra pressure to the brakes during abrupt emergencies. Jaguar has also included the Pedestrian Contact Sensing system, which raises the bonnet slightly to protect a pedestrian's head from hard engine surfaces during the event of a collision.

"We are very proud to continue the 75th anniversary celebration of Jaguar with the release of the XF V8 75th Anniversary Edition. Jaguar's racing heart is reflected in a long history of powerful, dynamic and stylish vehicles. The XF V8 75th Anniversary Edition continues that tradition into the future with a true V8 driver's car" said Kevin Goult, General Manager of Jaguar Australia. "It has the power, performance, dynamics and luxury Jaguar is renowned for. And nothing beats that V8 sound!"

The Jaguar XF V8 75th Anniversary Edition will go on sale towards the end of the year and will retail for $128,900.