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2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost spied

Rolls-Royce's new entry-level model moves to a new platform, but has evolutionary style with a pinch more sportiness added in. Who you gonna call?
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The next-generation Rolls-Royce Ghost has been photographed on the back of a flat-bed truck, wedged between a pair of BMW X5 crossovers.

Compared to today's car, the new Ghost looks to have a more heavily raked boot lid for a slightly sportier look, although there's still no danger of it being branded as a "four-door coupe".

The new vehicle's sides and corners also look to more rounded than the current model. Although the lights are currently concealed by tape and camouflage, we'd expect their graphics to be updated and brought into line with the designs debuted on the new Phantom and Cullinan.

Like all Rolls-Royce sedans from the BMW era, the new Ghost has reverse-hinged rear doors for easier ingress and egress, as well as a thick pair of D-pillars for maximum privacy for rear seat passengers.

Up front the new Ghost still features an imposing waterfall grille. Although there's still a fair number of false panels underneath the camouflage, we expect the new Ghost, like the latest Phantom, to cut down on the visual clutter.

Again the overall look mimics the larger Phantom, but, as the company likes to put it, with a "less formal" design. Given the current Ghost is pitched as a more fashionable, younger alternative to the aforementioned Phantom, the new model will likely be aimed at a less-stodgy, more youthful audience.

Under the skin the new Ghost is expected to ride on a version of the aluminium architecture used by the Phantom and Cullinan, which should mean less weight and improved fuel efficiency, not that these are overwhelming concerns for most Rolls-Royce buyers.

A V12 engine, possibly the Phantom's 6.75-litre twin-turbo unit, is thought to reside under the bonnet. In the Phantom it produces 420kW and 900Nm, but there's no word on whether those figures will carry over to the Ghost.