2011 Hyundai i45 convertible speculation

Hyundai is showing more signs of how serious it is about offering a cheaper and competitive package. Speculation says Hyundai now wants a slice of the Sunset Boulevard-cruising market in America and has plans to release an i45 (known as a Sonata in the US) convertible by 2011.
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Although the speculations are just... speculations, Inside Line's rendering of the i45 convertible could be another tempting reality within the next couple of years. Hyundai has said it has no definite plans to release a coupe version of America's i45 but it has suggested plans for producing new variants of the model, with the possible addition of a wagon and convertible.

The relatively cheap four-seat convertible range is a dying breed in America, and only limited to the Chrysler Sebring and the Toyota Solara. However, the Toyota Solara is no longer in production, and Chrysler has plans to end the Sebring as well. This leaves the door wide open for Hyundai to take full advantage of the vacant market.

If the i45 convertible does go into development, it is likely to hit Australian shores within a year after its American launch. The only question is, is there demand for a cheap, four-seat convertible down here?