The NSW government launched a $1.2 million TV advertising campaign last night, warning motorists of the six new mobile speed cameras that are going to be used throughout NSW.
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For those who don't remember, the NSW government will be using six new (digital) mobile speed cameras as a part of a 170 million-dollar plan to reduce the state's road toll. The cameras will be operated by unmarked civilians and put up around the state from July 19. The cars are said to be marked though, as the government has said that this is not a revenue-raising exercise.

Roads Minister David Borger said in a statement on Sunday, "This is not about raising revenue, it is about saving the lives of people who use NSW roads."

Borger also said that for the first month, offending drivers will simply receive a warning, which he hopes will smooth the introduction of the cameras.

The opposition has expressed that highly-visible, well-marked police vehicles are the way to go though. Andrew Stoner, the opposition for roads said, "Highway patrol officers offer more than speed cameras, they identify crimes taking place, pull over the offenders and issue fines on the spot."

The advertising campaign will run until August 28.