Fisker aiming to build US$40k EV - report

Henrik Fisker is back. This time, he's pushing to build an affordable electric vehicle, set to hit the market in 2021. Lessons learned from the Karma will, naturally, help shape the project.
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Remember the Fisker Karma? It was an audacious attempt to upset the establishment, powered by a range-extender and designed to take only pictures, leave only footprints on the environment.

Money troubles killed the project in 2012, forcing the company to sell its design, rights and assets to a Chinese buyer.

Rather than chasing the supercar dream again, founder (and the man responsible for designing the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9) Henrik Fisker is returning with his sights set on the mass market, according to a new interview published on Automotive News.

Speaking with the industry journal, Fisker said a "high-volume, more affordable vehicle" is coming in 2021, with a price in the region of US$40,000 ($55,900).

Although it'll be built in the USA, the rival (presumably) to the Tesla Model 3 is designed to be a global vehicle.

Fisker isn't building its own factory, instead looking to use "existing manufacturing plants" in a location to be determined "fairly soon".

At the moment, the company has fewer than 100 people on board, but Fisker says he's hiring "a new person every week" at the moment.

As for why he thinks the 2021 EV will see more success than the original Karma? Fisker says the time is "more right" for electric vehicles.

"We are seeing a clear trend that we are definitely moving to electric," he explained.

"Some of the big traditional car companies, specifically Volkswagen, have really committed to electrification. That’s an important sign because it means you are going to start seeing a bigger rollout with more vehicles and in different price segments."