We don't know it's going to be, but there's a slinky new Italian supercar coming to the big Swiss motor show.
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Italdesign has started teasing a new supercar, set to launch at the Geneva motor show in March.

Now owned by Audi, the styling studio released its ZeroUno supercar in 2017, before following it up with a drop-top version last year. Five of each were produced, and all were sold, commanding a significant premium over the Audi R8 on which they were based.

There's no word on exactly what the new supercar will be, although a more detailed teaser will be revealed a week before the full unveil. With an air vent feeding... something, maybe a rear spoiler or aero system, and a sloping glass rear windscreen, we'd bank on a classically-proportioned coupe of some kind.

It's also likely the new car is based on an Audi product, given the company's ownership.

Stay tuned for all the latest on the latest Italdesign creation in the lead up to the Geneva motor show.