It’s not such a bad idea, the pinnacle of supercar luxury, Bentley, adding a five-door fastback and all the day-to-day practicality that might offer, to its fleet of super-powered luxo rockets.
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Apparently, senior Bentley management at the company’s headquarters in Crewe are considering a number of Continental body options but the Panamera rival is said the be the favourite of the bunch.

Italian styling house Touring Superleggera intends to build just 19 examples of its ultra exclusive three-door shooting brake, the Flying Star.

The sales pitch from the long-standing company says,

Defining your Flying Star’s unique specifications and details will be an exclusive six- month adventure. The outcome is an impressive, fast, enjoyable supercar, whose value will grow in time like every true collector’s item. Built to your desire and to be driven every day.

Bentley is also working on the next generation Continental and the replacement for the GT Coupe, most likely to be released towards the end of 2012. Its four-wheel drive chassis and V12 running gear are to be retained but weight loss will be key to the engineering of the car.

Styling of the new car is unlikely to be anything radically different to the current model given the Bentley’s CEO, Franz-Josef Pfaegen has previously stated that the Continental is “our 911” so don’t expect much of a change in that department.