2011 Porsche 911 Speedster

Some details of Porsche's plans for the future have been leaked, outlining information on the upcoming 911 Speedster.
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According to the details, the Speedster is due to go on sale by 2011 and will showcase a 'turbo' wide-body with pumped guards on the front and hugely puffed rear wheel arches. It will also use a low-cut windscreen to reignite the spirit of the 911 Speedster from the Eighties and Ninties, and will be a strict two-seat 911.

Engine details are said to be on par with the Sport Classic specification, which uses a 3.8-litre flat six but, in this, the power is said to have been tweaked slightly to output 300kW.

The trademark rear camel humps are there purely as a design element inspired by the original 356 Speedster of the Fifties; there'll be no stow-away hard-top roof inside them. Instead, a fold away, tent-style arrangement - also seen on the Boxster Speedster - will be used.

Only 100 examples are going to be built, so due to this exclusivity, pricing is expected to exceed the $350,000 mark.

(with Auto Express)