Tesla drops 75D versions of Model S, Model X

Elon Musk announces customers have until the end of January 13 to place an order.
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Tesla will be dropping the entry-level versions of the Model S and Model X from January 14, the company's CEO has confirmed via Twitter – as usual.

Elon Musk tweeted that customers have until the end of the coming weekend (ending January 13) to place their order for a 75kWh Model S or Model X.

"Starting on Monday, Tesla will no longer be taking orders for the 75kWh version of the Model S & X. If you’d like that version, please order by Sunday night," Musk said in his tweet.

Currently, the Model S 75D starts at $117,900 plus on-road costs, while the Model X 75D is a bit dearer at $126,300 before ORCs.

Axing the price-leading variants mean customers will have to pay at least $141,400/$146,000 respectively for a Model S/X 100D, which get more power and more range for the additional cost.

It's possible the move is to allow more room for the smaller Model 3 Performance, which is priced from US$53,950 ($74,782.79) in the States, and incidentally gets a 75kWh battery pack.

The Model 3 is expected to arrive in Australia "around mid-2019".