NSW Police introduce Operation HECTIC

NSW police announced in a press release on Wednesday their plans to crack down on... people getting to and from work, especially around the Sydney-Hurstville area.
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Called 'Operation HECTIC', the campaign is specifically aimed at reducing an increasing amount of dense-traffic related crashes in the area by, "saturating specific areas with a large number of police," as stated by Senior Sergeant Branko Kubecka from Hurstville Highway Patrol.

The new campaign was brought about by recent NSW Police Force crash data which showed an increasing amount of crashes in the area during peak hour times. In the press release, Senior Sergeant Branko Kubecka also said, "The increase in crashes seemed to be as a result of absent minded drivers rushing to and from work.”

Senior Sergeant Branko Kubecka expressed that in order to control the increasing amount of thick traffic-related crashes, the operation will provide a "highly visible police presence" in the area to deter poor driving and dangerous pedestrian behaviour. The campaign will also introduce more random breath testing and stationary speed detection.

Setting up random breath-testing units on the Princes Highway during 5 o'clock peak hour? Sounds like an interesting way to combat the sheer numbers of cars going through the area. Just as contradictory, the speed detection units are aiming to slow down drivers in congested areas. Tax-payer's money well spent? Either way, Operation HECTIC will commence in mid-July and run through until August.