Korean luxury brand teams up with Swiss start-up for video game-style graphics.
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Hyundai Motor Company has revealed a next-generation head-up display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, equipped to a special Genesis G80.

Developed with WayRay AG, a Swiss 'deep-tech' start-up company, the 'world-first' Holographic Augmented Reality Navigation System uses AR to project navigation prompts and other messages displayed on the road ahead in accordance with the driver's viewing range.

"The driver can enjoy vivid and precise holographic images without wearing a headset. The direction of movement is kept precise through the vehicle speed in real-time, and projecting navigational alerts through the windscreen onto the road allows drivers to navigate safely while looking ahead undistracted," Hyundai said in its press release.

Unlike conventional head-up displays, which project a reflected image through an LCD screen mounted on the dash, the AR display projects the image through the windscreen.

It's not limited to just navigation directions, either, the AR display can incorporate driver-assistance system functions like lane departure and forward collision warnings.

WayRay's display projects a virtual image measuring 1310mm x 3152mm at a distance of 15m ahead of the driver.

"[Hyundai and WayRay] will continue to work closely together to expand holographic AR technology to display people, objects, buses, bicycle lanes, and crosswalks, and additionally, further develop advanced ADAS functions such as a rear side warning system and the Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system," the company adds.

With developments in connected infrastructure, both firms expect that the display can one day incorporate messages for traffic lights, surrounding vehicle information, along with real-time road and weather updates.