2013 Toyota Supra hybrid development

Remember the Toyota Supra from the late Nineties? The grand touring coupe was a real piece of driving pleasure, built for enthusiasts. The Supra is no longer available now though, so what do Toyota offer?
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Well, Toyota hopes to recreate the Supra with this hybrid sports car concept. Some may remember, the concept was developed in 2007, but it didn't take long until the plans were canned due to a priority adjustment in company's direction.; they were more interested in developing hybrid-focused technology for the everyday motorist. Toyota did think about producing a 3.5-litre V6, high-output, hybrid engine for the Supra concept but saw little interest in chasing the performance segment at the time.

Now though, it seems development has been reintroduced, as reported by Autocar this week. Toyota has discovered huge interest among the American market with high-performance cars that are also enviro-friendly.

Code-named the FT-HS, the Future Toyota Hybrid Sport development team has said they hope to release a new generation Toyota Supra to the public by 2013, and, they say it will achieve four-second 0-100km/h times using hybrid technology.

We hope it's this concept that goes into production. It certainly looks very sharp and very modern, even showing some signs of GT-R in the front guards.

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