Director Greg Kelly released on Christmas Day, but has to stay in Japan
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Greg Kelly, the man accused of helping former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn understate his salary by around $100 million, was released from the Tokyo Detention Centre on Christmas Day.

According to Reuters he was released after his family posted bail of ¥70 million ($880,000). He was photographed being taken from the jail in a taxi at around 10.45pm on December 25, local time.

Within hours of being released Kelly checked himself into a hospital. It's believed he will have his spinal stenosis evaluated and, potentially, attended to.

In a video made earlier this month, Dee Kelly said her husband was unable to attend his scheduled surgery on December 7 in Nashville, Tennessee as he was summoned to Tokyo in mid-November to attend a board meeting in person, and was arrested not long after landing in Japan.

Ghosn and Kelly were taken into custody after Nissan accused the pair of understating Ghosn's income, and inappropriately using corporate investment funds and company expenses.

After his release Kelly issued a statement through his lawyers, stating he did not falsify financial documents as alleged. The executive says he believes his "innocence will be revealed in the trial".

He's barred from leaving Japan as part of his release.

Ghosn has been stripped of his chairmanship at Nissan and Mitsubishi, and has been temporarily replaced as CEO of both Renault and the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance.

The former Nissan CEO remains in custody after prosecutors laid fresh charges alleging he ordered a Nissan subsidiary to purchase his loss-making currency trading contracts.

Both Kelly and Ghosn have been removed as representative directors of Nissan, but remain on the board as regular directors as they can only have those positions taken away by a shareholder vote.