As for whether they'll make the leap to production? That remains to be seen
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Mazda has revealed a removable carbon-fibre hardtop for the MX-5 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, alongside a new 3 hatchback with a factory bodykit.

Although it technically offers two hardtop options for the MX-5 – the RF, and an aftermarket unit designed for racing – this carbon-fibre top takes a different approach.

The shape more closely mirrors that of the folding top, eschewing the RF's exotic buttresses for a smoother, more conventional roofline. That's also at odds with the bulbous-looking race top, which leaves space for the roll cage required in club motorsport events.

At the moment, there's no word on whether the carbon top will be making the leap to production. Given the RF already exists, and the high cost of producing carbon-fibre components, we'd suggest the parts pictured here aren't likely to be on show at your local dealer anytime soon.

Then again, Fiat offers something very similar on the 124 GT. It can be removed in a 'few easy steps' but there's nowhere to store it, so you'd want to check and double-check the weather report before leaving it at home.

Along with the hardtop MX-5, the Mazda Tokyo Auto Salon stand houses a body-kitted 3 hatchback. Although it's subtle, the car wears a black front lip, side skirts and a slightly larger rear spoiler than standard.

The parts look very similar to those offered on the current 3, suggesting they're likely for production.


Mazda says it'll be making announcements about accessories closer to the local 3 launch. It hasn't confirmed the carbon-fibre top for our market.