Top 5: Car comparisons of 2018

We count down the most popular comparos of this year.
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2018 is officially over. It’s time for sunshine and (a sometimes rose-tinted) reflection on the year gone by. Here at CarAdvice, we’re taking the chance to look back at some of the most interesting, exciting and downright strange stories published this year.

Here's the top five comparisons this year.


5. 2018 Honda CR-V VTi-S v Hyundai Tucson Active X

Japanese or Korean? Which one should you go for? We hit the road to find out

Which of these top-selling SUVs would you pick?


4. 2018 Honda Civic VTi-LX v Mazda 3 SP25 Astina

Do you hate being stuck in traffic jams? Yeah, me too. But, if you’re going to be driving a small hatchback, why suffer in an entry-level model? This is where moving up in the model range changes a traffic jam from a chore to a treat.

It's Japan v Japan. Who's got your vote?

3. 2018 BMW M140i v Volkswagen Golf R

If you’ve got $60,000 to spend on a hot hatch, you really need to have these two at the very top of your list.

Watch the video (in collaboration with YouTube personality Joe Achilles) here


2. 2018 Kia Stinger 330Si v Holden Commodore VXR

This Holden Commodore is no longer built in Australia, it’s now built in Germany, nor is the Commodore rear-wheel drive, it’s now all-wheel drive. Along the way it has also lost two cylinders, but gained a stack of standard equipment.

Last time the Kia won, who wins this battle?


1. 2018 Dual-Cab Ute Mega Test

The goal is to have a look at which of the eight has been designed to serve a wide range of tastes and needs the most efficiently. Which is the consummate all-rounder?

Catch the video and the written comparison here