Lexus LC500 v LFA drag race - video

It's a two-door Lexus showdown: naturally-aspirated V8 vs naturally-aspirated V10. Which is your pick?
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The Lexus LC500 is the Japanese luxury marque's current flagship sports car. Here at CarAdvice we reckon it's pretty damn gorgeous and one of the brand's most exciting models for a long time.

Before the LC, though, there was the brilliant and ultra-exclusive LFA, with its naturally-aspirated V10 that sang all the way to 9000rpm.

Last year CarAdvice had the amazing opportunity to compare the two Lexus coupes here in Australia on a test track, but we never got a clear indication of the performance difference.

In a new YouTube clip by Britain's Carwow, Mat Watson lines up an LC500 against an LFA to see which naturally-aspirated Lexus coupe is the fastest in a straight line.

We won't spoil it for you, here's the video below: