Two very different large sedans face off in a straight-line duel – who will win?
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The Kia Stinger and Tesla Model S aren't what you would call 'natural rivals' despite both being pitched as large luxurious sports sedans.

In a new video by the UK's Top Gear, the publication's deputy editor, Jack Rix, races the top of the line Stinger GT against the 'entry level' Model S 75D on the drag strip.

On paper, not a whole lot separates the pair, with the Kia and Tesla putting out 270kW and 272kW respectively. In terms of torque, the all-electric Tesla has the beefier output with 660Nm compared to the Kia's 510Nm, while the claimed 0-60mph (0-97km/h) times are separated by half a second in the Model S's favour.

Anyway, enough numbers talk, have a watch of the clip below to see who wins: