Although the name may be quite long-winded, preview shots of the E-Cell Gullwing have been released, and, well, it's certainly wants attention. Electric cars of the late have been mostly boring, dreary creations designed by those who are just as bland. This just rewrites the rulebook though.
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The electric-only power is supplied by four motors, located close to each wheel. They combine to give a total output of 392kW so the aluminium-framed chassis will power off to 100km/h in just four seconds.

AMG says the energy for all this comes from a lithium polymer battery pack that can offer up to 480kW.

The SLS AMG E-Cell comes in its own ion-savvy colour too, coded Lumilectric Mango, which means... umm. Check out the huge LCD screen in the centre fascia! The screen displays everything you need and could need to know about the electricity states, and it does all the other driver comfort stuff too.

Although this model is only a concept at the moment, the Gullwing E-Cell is scheduled to be on the market in 2013.

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