Mansory Porsche Panamera

Here's some useful consumer advice for those who have ran out of things to spend money on. Take one Porsche Panamera, $370,000, and then give it to the mad tuning company, Mansory. Once you have given them another 152,000 of your dollars, they'll hand you back something looking a little like this.
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Garnished in layers of carbon fibre - from the rear diffuser, the cylinder head covers under the bonnet to the bonnet itself and the bespoke headlight surrounds - it's a Panamera that certainly stands out. The factory, hydraulic rear wing is no more and is replaced in favour of a static carbon fibre piece as well.

The Panamera body is turned into artwork. Mansory undertake in-house aerodynamic development and use their traditional high-strength polyurethane and Prepreg-Autoclav-Carbon (PU-RIM), throughout the body. It's not just carbon fibre, it's PU-RIM!

The 22in wheels are Mansory's latest 'turbine' design and are wrapped in 265mm tyres on the front and 295mm tyres on the rear. There's also daytime running lights incorporated into the front bumper for extra my-other-ride-is-a-yacht factor.

Don't worry, your money does go a long way. The interior is subjected to a complete refinish as well. Mansory removes almost every element of the dash, carpets and seating and either replaces it with parts of their own, or reupholsters it in a leather of your choice.

The engine hardware is treated, too, to the Mansory touch. The factory turbochargers are removed and replaced with larger items. The engine computer receives a fondle and a stainless steel exhaust is put in place of the factory item. All in all, the power figures jump from 368kW to 507kW.

If you're not interested in pursuing a career as a clown, they'll even do you one in a less flamboyant guise like this.

Which is a little more down-to-earth.