Pure-electric power is projected to lead the charge locally, followed by the plug-in hybrid.
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Hyundai Australia is predicting the pure-electric Ioniq will account for 50 per cent of sales in its three-pronged line-up, having last night revealed pricing for its first 'green car' Down Under.

Speaking with media at the Ioniq launch in Brisbane, senior manager for product development at Hyundai Australia, Andrew Tuitahi, said the EV model is likely to win the majority of buyers, followed by the plug-in hybrid. The series hybrid will, according to the brand's predictions, snag only 20 per cent.

"Based on the interest that we've received so far, we're expecting the majority of the buyers to be electric, somewhere around 50 per cent, and we're going to take a guess at around 30 per cent being plug-ins," Tuitahi said.

That's based on feedback from "fleets, governments [Hyundai has] spoken to" directly, and at green vehicle events, along with private customers who've registered their interest in the upcoming electrified range.

According to Scott Nargar, Hyundai Australia future mobility and government relations manager, "government fleets, councils, big industry, big businesses, looking to lower their carbon footprint" are interested in the Ioniq Electric, priced from $44,990 before on-road costs in base Elite trim.

Even with fleet demand, the Ioniq range isn't slated to be a huge volume seller, with Hyundai Australia CEO, JW Lee, telling journalists the company is "not going to chase numbers" at launch.

On the dealership front, there will be 18 electric flagship showrooms – Hyundai Australia has 170 dealers in total – to start with, shared across metro and regional areas. More are being assessed at the moment, according to the company.

Dealerships won't be forced to install high-speed DC fast chargers, with the company instead using the same 7kW AC connectors owners are being offered for their homes. It'll cost customers $1995, supplied and installed, if their homes are considered "standard fit". Detached garages and ancient fuse boxes will bump the figure up, naturally.

The Hyundai Ioniq range kicks off with the Hybrid Elite, priced from $33,990 before on-road costs. It jumps to $40,990 before on-roads for the Plug-in Elite, while the Electric Elite starts at $44,990 before on-roads.