Emotion Wheels 527kW BMW M3

Is your M3 lacking in power? We thought not, but just in case, there's always this 527kW version on offer. Emotion Wheels - another one of those crazy German tuners - has taken the latest E92 M3, removed the engine and replaced it with a boosted 4.4-litre twin turbo V8.
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It's the same engine that powers the X5 and X6 M four-wheel drives. It's also the same engine that will power the much-anticipated new generation M5, although in this, it's boosted rather significantly.

Along with the engine upgrade you'll notice there's quite a few visual enhancements going on as well. The carbon fibre wing mirrors and more aggressive side skirts leave it looking sleek and svelte, while the carbon fibre bonnet and matt black 19in wheels match the original carbon fibre roof. The suspension has been upgraded to handle the extra oomph as well as some chassis reinforcements and connecting suspension braces.

Out on the track performance figures prove, actually, no, no one has been brave enough to record such figures. Emotion Wheels say it should easily better the factory 4.8sec 0-100km/h time though depending on how heavy the driver's foot is. The speed limiter has also been removed so it is capable of soaring past the 300km/h mark. Nice.