The two brands will lock horns over how the Alliance looks post-Ghosn, and thrash out the details surrounding his ousting.
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Renault and Nissan will meet to ward off the potential of a power struggle within their alliance, following last week's sensational arrest of chairman and CEO, Carlos Ghosn.

The executive, who until last week was one of the highest paid, most respected figures in the automotive world, is accused of under-reporting his income on the Japanese stock exchange, and misusing company funds to the tune of AU$62 million.

Those funds were used, in part at least, to allegedly fund houses in Amsterdam, Beirut, Paris and Rio de Janeiro for Ghosn to use rent-free.

Speaking with Automotive News Europe, a Mitsubishi spokesperson said "there is no change" in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance relationship. Renault and Nissan's CEOs will this week meet in Amsterdam for the first time since Ghosn's ousting.

That's in contrast with what Nissan CEO, Hiroto Saikawa, has indicated. He's made it clear Nissan wants to end Renault's control of the alliance, having moved quickly to end Ghosn's reign at the Japanese company.

Over at Renault, the embattled executive has maintained his post as CEO and chairman, with his 2IC stepping up to fill the role while the Japanese investigation plays out.

According to the Automotive News report, Nissan has wanted to force Renault to sell down its controlling stake in the alliance, given its smaller global sales figure.

Renault was actually planning to appoint another director to the alliance board in the lead-up to Ghosn's ousting, a move rebuffed by Nissan.

Even the French Government, the largest Renault shareholder, has weighed into the scandal, calling for a separate audit of his behaviour by Renault, and arguing it hadn't yet seen evidence of his wrongdoings.

Nissan reportedly hasn't shared its 400 page internal report into Ghosn's misdeeds with its French partner.