Wondering whether people would pay almost $500 to have CarPlay and Android Auto fitted to their cars? The answer is yes, they will.
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Remember all that talk about whether Mazda was charging too much for its Apple CarPlay and Android Auto retrofit? It looks like the price is right, because the company has around 3000 people requesting the upgrade.

That's according to Alastair Doak, marketing director at Mazda Australia, who today told CarAdvice the company has already re-ordered parts from Japan twice, suggesting demand has exceeded expectations.

"All up, we've probably had demand for about 3000 so far," Doak said, telling CarAdvice the reception has been "great" among buyers.

"We were unsure what demand would be, and we'd either have too many or not enough, and it's turned we didn't have enough."

You'll pay $495 for the retrofit. Along with labour, the fitment price includes a hub module ($202.28) and cable harness ($101.12).

Despite the number of people requesting the retrofit, Doak said there are "no big dramas" about getting parts from head office, suggesting the only reason owners might have to wait for the tech is the usual Christmas and New Year shutdown.

"We can get supply from Japan, so as demand comes in we're ordering more to keep pace. Hopefully that will continue," he explained.

The updated CX-9 was the first Mazda locally to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a standard part of its MZD Connect infotainment system, but the retrofit is offered to owners of vehicles dating back to the 2014 Mazda 3.

Before that, only the BT-50 offered smartphone mirroring through its Alpine-sourced head unit.

Obviously, demand won't stay high forever. Once the initial rush is over, Mazda is expecting the number of people requesting the tech to tail off.

"You would expect the demand to peak at the beginning, definitely," Doak said.

"It's been great to have that demand straight up, and to have people asking for it."