And it's set for production in 2020, but only as part of a one-make race series around Europe and the Middle East.
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Lamborghini Squadra Corse has unveiled the Urus ST-X, a concept ready for racing on- and off-road, as it prepares for a one-make race series in 2020.

The hotted-up Urus will ply its trade around Europe and the Middle East in 2020, on specially-prepped circuits for 'driver-customers' who can just arrive and drive, without worrying about technical support or maintenance.

Under the skin, Lamborghini has applied its experience from previous jaunts into the world of one-make racing, fitting a full roll cage, fire suppression system and an FIA-approved fuel tank.

Power still comes from a twin-turbo V8 engine making 850Nm and 480kW, put to all four wheels through a clever all-wheel drive system. It rides on a set of centre-locking aluminium alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli tyres.

Lamborghini is claiming a 25 per cent reduction in weight compared to stock, while the roll cage should help with torsional rigidity. All of that should help the ST-X get up and boogie better than the standard car.

There's a big rear wing – well, relatively large compared to standard – and a unique exhaust, complete with hexagonal tips. The concept is finished in green (ahem, Verde Mantis) and covered with stickers, contrasting with the black wheels.

Lamborghini is describing the Urus ST-X Concept as, well, a concept at the moment. But it also says a one-make series with the cars will kick off in 2020. Given how race-ready the ST-X looks in its current form, it wouldn't be surprising to see it lapping circuits in Europe and the Middle East unchanged.