American EV start-up to also offer adapters for Model S and Model X owners to access third-party charge networks.
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Tesla Australia has announced it will upgrade its Supercharger network with Combined Charging System (CCS) plugs, in order to support the upcoming Model 3 sedan.

Unlike the Model S and Model X, the Model 3 will come with a CCS port, which combines AC and DC connectors – the S and X are currently produced with only a Type 2 port that doesn't allow them to utilise most public DC fast-chargers without an adapter.

The company has confirmed it will also offer a CCS adapter to current and new Model S/X owners so they can access third-party CCS charging solutions too.

"While Tesla owners already have access to the largest, most convenient and reliable charging solutions available between home charging, Supercharging and Destination Charging, we want to expand their ability to charge at third party fast chargers," a Tesla spokesperson said in a statement.

"In advance of Model 3 rollout in Australia and New Zealand, we will be retrofitting our existing Superchargers with dual charge cables to enable Model 3, which will come with a CCS charge port, to use the Tesla Supercharger network."

"Model S and Model X customers will continue to have full access to the network and a CCS adapter will soon be available to purchase, if desired," the spokesperson added.

Tesla said charging speeds and fees will remain the same despite the upgrades. For a map of the company's Supercharger and Destination Charging locations, click here.

As for when we can expect the Model 3 in local showrooms, company CEO, Elon Musk, recently tweeted in reply to a customer that the electric 3 Series rival should be lobbing Down Under "around mid-2019".