More EVs are on the way, but GM will be relying on internal combustion profits for a while yet
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General Motors is planning to introduce 20 new electric cars over the next five years, but an electric pickup truck isn't part of the plan.

Mike Abelson, GM vice president of global strategy, told The Detroit Free Press the company believes it will "lead the industry" in electric vehicles at some point in the next decade. Despite that, he categorically said there won't be any autonomous or electric trucks.

He stated "the core business is going to be the core business for a couple of decades to come", with the company expecting to make most of its revenue from petrol-powered vehicles during that time period.

Even so, the world is aggressively transitioning to electric power. China is heavily incentivising electric vehicles, while Europe may legislate a 40 per cent cut in vehicle emissions by 2030.

Some parts of Europe are also looking to prohibit the sale of most non-electrified vehicles by 2040, while cities are looking to ban diesel vehicles on their streets.

Not long after GM sold Opel and Vauxhall to the PSA Group in 2017, their new owners came out to say the German and British marques were not on track to meet the EU's medium-term emissions targets.

Mary Barra, GM CEO, recently told Harvard University students the company has given a “tiny bit” of thought to one day making an electric pickup.

GM continues to invest heavily in autonomous vehicles and is planning to launch a fleet of self-driving electric cars for a ride-sharing service in a major US city next year.