However, Toyota Australia actually reckons they'll sell a lot more than that as it moves away from diesel.
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Toyota Australia expects the upcoming RAV4 Hybrid to see similar success to the petrol-electric Corolla and Camry ranges, projecting it'll account for a 20 per cent slice of overall sales.

Speaking at the global launch drive of the all-new RAV4 in California, Sean Hanley, Toyota's local vice president for sales and marketing, said the local division expects hybrid models to account for one in every five RAV4s sold in Australia.

"We're targeting 20 percent sale mix for hybrid RAV4 (Toyota's first hybrid SUV for sale in Oz) but we actually expect much more take-up than that," he said.

Full pricing and specifications are still to be announced, though Toyota Australia has indicated there will be three petrol-powered and three hybrid-powered variants, similar to the structure of both the Corolla and Camry line-ups.

Speaking of the Corolla and Camry, the current hybrid take-up with respect to overall sales is sitting at "around 40 per cent" for the former and "48 per cent" for the latter, which is impressive given hybrids have only accounted for 1.1 per cent of overall sales year-to-date.

The focus on hybrid also comes after Toyota has dropped diesel from the RAV4 line-up, with Hanley going as far to say: "There's no diesel future - Toyota's clear on its hybrid direction".

However, the company has previously said diesel still plays a major role in its commercial and upper-large model lines, including the HiLux, Prado, and LandCruiser series.

Following the launch of the RAV4 in April, the Japanese brand has committed to an additional four hybrid models by mid-2020, though hasn't confirmed exactly what at this stage.

Our guesses are the C-HR small crossover, the Kluger large SUV, the Yaris light hatch, and the next-gen Corolla sedan. All these models (bar the unreleased all-new Corolla sedan) are currently offered with hybrid options in overseas markets.

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