SEMA 2018: There's off-roading, and then there's this...

SEMA. It's seen as the mecca of all things performance, but many punters might not know it's also a showcase for the off-road industry – sometimes in all its overstated glory. It is the United States of America after all. For me, it's the greatest car show on the planet such is the scale, variety and scope of the products and vehicles on display.

This year, CarAdvice was in Las Vegas for SEMA and, as we've done with the other halls, we put together a quick showcase of some of our highlights from the off-road hall. Everywhere you look, there's something to widen your eyes, but it's also fantastic to see so many reputable Australian companies showing their wares on such a massive global stage.

The Jeep Wrangler is the most popular vehicle regardless of the name of the company supplying the aftermarket gear, and that's no huge surprise given the Wrangler's legendary off-road standing. There's plenty of full-sized pickups and everything in between as well, though, including many vehicle platforms that are available in Australia.

In fact, some of the more hardcore off-road modifications had been made to what the Americans refer to as mid-size trucks, but we know as HiLux, Ranger, Colorado and the rest.

Many of the modifications you see first at SEMA will filter their way across to Australia in one form or another – Decked tray inserts being one such example now available down under.

On the subject of down under, a real highlight for us this year, was the presence of the aforementioned Aussie companies displaying their nous and build quality to the world. ARB, TJM, Patriot Campers, and Redarc the most prominent and among the most respected brands in the US, not just Australia. Max Trax was also everywhere across the show floor too – another respected Australian company.

There's no doubt SEMA is the go-to place if you're an aspiring company wanting to show what you can do and drum up business. It's trade-only, too, so it's not a general public event.

It's all about business and promotion. While the focus might be on muscle cars and SEMA's hotrod roots, the 4x4 world is starting to take over in a big way. Check out our short video to see some of the highlights.

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