Navara-based rescue vehicle on show in São Paulo, with exterior finish inspired by native bird species.
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The Nissan Frontier Sentinel concept has been revealed at the São Paulo motor show, designed by the company's Brazilian design studio as a rugged rescue vehicle that can handle any terrain.

Finished in eye-catching Thunder Blue, the Frontier Sentinel is based on the standard Frontier dual-cab ute – known locally as the Navara.

Key features include two battery packs from the Leaf EV as auxiliary power sources, a modified tray to accommodate the batteries and a storage system, a take-off and landing platform for drones, and a strengthened rollbar spanning the sides of the cargo bed.

There's also a snorkel, bespoke light system, Electric Yellow accents throughout the exterior and cabin, along with special wheels wrapped in off-road tyres.

Nissan says the Thunder Blue exterior finish is inspired by the Brazilian hyacinth macaw, a native parrot of the central and eastern regions of South America, while the Electric Yellow highlights are inspired by electric circuits.

The Nissan Frontier Sentinel is the latest in a line of Navara-based concepts in recent months, following the Dark Sky concept revealed for the Hannover motor show in September.

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