BMW GT by Emil Baddal

These superb 3D models of a futuristic BMW sports car concept are not the work of the BMW design department but rather, were created by an Iranian design student, Emil Baddal.
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Emil had given CarAdvice permission to post these high-resolution pics of the car and we are delighted to do so.

Billed as a super sports car, which would be powered by the same M TwinPower Turbo V8 that sits under the bonnet of the X6 M, we think there would be plenty of buyers willing to stand in the queue if BMW were to build such a car.

There isn’t a lot more we can tell you about the car, other than we sure hope the lead BMW design team in Munich has cast their creative eyes over these pics, as I for one would love to see one of these things on the road.

That said it does seem to be an iteration of sorts of BMW’s current ‘Vision’ Efficient Dynamics design language as represented by the ‘Vision’ car which was on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

We think Emil Baddal has some talent, so we intend to post more of his work over the coming weeks.