Federal Government provides $5M funding to ANCAP

A new partnership announced today will see the federal government provide $5 million to the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) in an effort to improve the safety of new cars on our roads.
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Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said the funding would allow Australia’s leading independent safety authority to increase the number of crash tests conducted on new cars and improve the safety ratings of vehicles entering the local market.

“This funding will allow ANCAP’s testing to cover a greater proportion of the vehicle fleet,” Mr Albanese said.“In doing so, it will increase Australians’ expectations that vehicles will have ANCAP ratings and encourage manufacturers to provide the safest vehicles possible. Already we are seeing many more four- and five-star vehicles on the market and that is a trend the Australian Government wishes to continue.”

He said the government was committed to cutting the road toll through a multi-layered approach: “safer vehicles, safer drivers, and safer roads”.

“We are joining forces with Australia’s motoring clubs, state road agencies, our NZ counterparts, the Transport Accident Commission, NRMA Insurance and the FIA Foundation as a full member of ANCAP to drive home the safety message,” Mr Albanese said.“This is one more step we are taking to save lives and prevent injury on our roads.”

ANCAP has welcomed the support, with Chairman Lauchlan McIntosh confirming the partnership is a step in the right direction for Australian new car buyers, as well as other motorists and road-users.

“This is a real fillip for new car buyers and testimony to the important role ANCAP plays in testing and rating new cars for safety,” Mr McIntosh said.“ANCAP is now working closely with most sections of the automotive industry in ensuring safety is built into new cars on the Australian market – this partnership with the Government will allow us to ensure the latest safety features are available for new car buyers.”