Data from the VACC’s mid-year Five Point Safety Check program reveals that almost one in five vehicles on Victoria’s roads have defective tyres.
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So far 1846 vehicles have been tested by VACC repairers in 2010, and of those 330 had defective tyres (18 percent). Other components tested included lights (seven percent defective), brakes (seven percent), steering (five percent) and restraints (two percent).

In total 524 vehicles have failed testing this year, which is more than 28 percent of all vehicles checked.

VACC Executive Director, David Purchase, encouraged all motorists to ensure their vehicles, caravans and trailers were safe and in good working order as the winter weather worsens.

“Weather conditions can change in an instant at this time of year. The best way to be confident your vehicle is equipped to handle winter weather is to ensure it has been checked by a professional,” Mr Purchase said.“There are too many unsafe vehicles on Victoria’s roads. Please make sure your car is not one of them.”

Australian Touring Car legend Jim Richards has thrown his support behind the VACC’s Vehicle Safety Campaign. The seven-time Bathurst 1000 winner said all Australian drivers had a responsibility to themselves and to other road users to ensure their vehicle is safe.

“Now the winter months are upon us, a combination of wet roads and bald tyres can be fatal. In racing, good tyres are essential as they keep you on the road, but worn or bald tyres mean little or no grip and your chances of staying alive are greatly reduced. It is essential that drivers make sure their car is fit for the road and that they are prepared for all weather conditions,” Richards said.“If you know the car you are driving is unsafe and you do nothing about it, then you are irresponsible. Driving, particularly in winter, is hard enough without having the added risk of unsafe cars on the roads thrown into the mix.”