Audi RS4 generations face-off - video

Four iterations of Germany's hot little wagon battle it out in a straight line.
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The Audi RS4 has over two decades of history behind it, so what better way to measure its progress by lining up its various iterations?

Mat Watson from Carwow managed to get three generations of RS4 (including the current one) and the original RS2 together for an old-school drag race and some one-on-one time to see how far the German performance wagon has come since the mid-1990s.

Present were the five-cylinder turbo RS2, the first 'B5' twin-turbo V6 RS4 of the late 1990s and early 2000s, the bellowing V8-powered 'B7' RS4 hailing from the mid-noughties, along with the latest 'B9' RS4 with its new twin-turbo V6. Unfortunately, Watson was unable to nab a 'B8' model for the shoot – sad face.

We won't keep you any longer, have a watch below:

Which is your favourite generation of RS4?