Porsche 911 1987


Meeting your heroes: The Autohaus Porsche 911 SC Grp 4

There’s an old saying about never meeting your heroes, about how the perception of someone or something is often better than the reality. So what happened when we threw the keys of one his hero cars – the Autohaus Hamilton-built Porsche 911 SC Group 4 – to our own Adam ‘AK’ Morris? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

The Group 4 (or ‘911 Grp4’) certainly set hearts racing when it spent a week in the CarAdvice garage. From those flared wheel arches housing replica Porsche 917 alloys, to the iconic ducktail and those 935 wing mirrors, the 911 Group 4 oozed presence.

But while everyone was smitten with the Autohaus 911, no one was rendered quite as weak-kneed as ‘AK’, so it seemed only fitting we let him begin his love affair with this homage to an iconic race- and rally-bred Porsche.

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