Which would make the theoretically spun-off company worth more than Volkswagen
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Lutz Menschke, Porsche chief financial officer (CFO), has speculated a super-luxury grouping headed by Porsche, containing Bentley, Bugatti and Lamborghini could be valued between €60 billion ($97.5 billion) to €70 billion ($114 billion).

Menschke told Automotive News Europe and other members of the European media such a valuation "doesn't sound like a stretch" because this collection of super premium marques "would likely be viewed as a luxury goods manufacturer and the multiples are completely different compared with a normal premium brand".

Porsche later issued a statement clarifying it is "not currently pursuing" a listing. The company was removed from the stock exchange in 2011 when it merged with the Volkswagen Group after it tried, and almost succeeded, in buying out the much larger automaker.

Aston Martin recently floated 25 per cent of itself on the London stock exchange, and is currently valued at around £13.6 billion ($25.1 billion). Ferrari is listed on the New York stock exchange, and is worth around US$21.9 billion ($30.8 billion).

By comparison, the Volkswagen Group, which includes the mass-market Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi brands, is only valued at around €71.7 billion ($116.6 billion).

Should the Volkswagen Group ever decide to partially or fully list its super-luxury car brands on the stock exchange, it would likely use any cash raised to help in its development of battery electric vehicles and self-driving car technology.