Bugatti range could expand with a crossover

W16 engine won't feature in model if it's given the green light
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Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti CEO, says the company could expand its range with a new crossover model.

He confirmed to Automotive News Europe at the recent Paris motor show the ultra-luxury marque is actively considering such an addition, although he gave no indication of how close the company is to making a decision.

The brand is reportedly still weighing its options with regards to drivetrains and chassis specifications. Like other vehicles produced by Bugatti since Volkswagen's takeover, the potential crossover will be targeted at billionaires.

With the recently unveiled Divo, the company has taken its first tentative step away from one of the modern brand's core values: top speed.

Although the €5 million ($8.1 million) Divo is faster around the Volkswagen Group's Nardo test track, it has a significantly lower top speed than the Chiron on which it's based, hitting 380km/h instead of 420km/h.

Winkelmann dashed any hopes the company is planning a crossover based around the 1119kW W16 engine, noting the motor "is at the core of the brand today, but it won't remain the heart forever".

The Bugatti CEO said a hybrid drivetrain could feature in future models because the marque has to consider "social acceptance in terms of emissions".