WRX STi JDM Brochure Leaked

The NASIOC have acquired images from a brochure of the 2008 Impreza WRZ STi which has revealed much more than Subaru might have liked in the lead up to its Oct 24 debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.
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Perhaps the most important fact leaked through these images is the power output of the STi variant, which stands at 227kW at 6,400rpm and 422Nm at 4,400rpm which is transferred to the AWD system through a six-speed manual transmission. The AWD system will feature a torque split of 41:59 and incorporate a limited slip differential.


Supposedly the STi's 0-400m has been improved by 5 percent over the previous generation.

These figures are comparable to the 2008 Evolution's 220kW and 407Nm - meaning the STi may not only still be a contender, but could be the odds-on favourite to take the road-going rally-car crown.


Also revealed are the colours available for the new STi, which sees the trademark World Rally Blue make a heroic return. What may also be revealed through these pictures are the seemingly tinted taillights on the lighter coloured models - which could just be wishful thinking on my behalf.


Images of the interior reveal a stunning rally-bred cockpit adorned with glowing red highlights and what appears to be a touch-screen entertainment system. Portions of both cloth and leather racing seats adorned with the STi emblem can also be seen.


The dimensions of the STi have been revealed as 4415 x 1795 x 1475mm with a kerb weight of 1,480kg.


Parts of the brochure translated by members of the NASOIC reveal suggested VDC settings for various conditions:

New Multi-mode VDC settings:

1. Normal
2. Traction
3. Off

Suggested settings:

  • Normal driving: SI-DRIVE (SPORT) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO) + Multi-mode VDC (NORMAL)
  • Spirited/Circuit driving: SI-Drive (SPORT #) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO -) + Multi-mode VDC (TRACTION)
  • Race/Motosports: SI-Drive (SPORT #) + Multi-mode DCCD (MANUAL) + Multi-mode VDC (OFF)
  • Snow: SI-DRIVE (SPORT or INTELLIGENT) + Multi-mode DCCD (AUTO +) + Multi-mode VDC (NORMAL)


Further translated text reveals the brake package consists of black 4-pot Brembo front calipers and 2-pot Brembo rears which are standard equipment.

The STi is proving to be more impressive than ever expected, and has definitely obliterated any idea of it slotting into the hot-hatch market with these figures - the question is how will it perform against the Evo?

George Skentzos